O'Brien Law LLC is a client-centric law firm specializing in Business Immigration. Ours is a single-minded focus on accomplishing your company's business objectives for cross-border movement of personnel. We also provide robust defense to government audits of employer I-9 compliance, and offer “friendly audits” to preventatively check the “health” of your I-9 Forms.

O'Brien Law LLC — U.S. Business Immigration Law

As an immigration law firm with a deep background in employment law, O'Brien Law offers something most immigration attorneys do not: an integrated approach to your immigration needs that anticipates and addresses related employment issues.

Our mission is four-fold:

  • To interface on your company's behalf with the often unwieldy visa bureaucracy so that it serves your company's real-world business needs.
  • To maximize the speed of your company's ability to lawfully employ personnel from abroad.
  • To minimize the drama too often associated with the U.S. visa sponsorship process.
  • To provide a robust defense to government audits of I-9 compliance, and to offer preventative measures to proactively prepare for government audits, such as “friendly audits,” and webinar training.

At O'Brien Law LLC, we mean business when it comes to immigration. Become a client and experience responsively delivered solutions to your business immigration needs.